Hologram - steal the stars

The Inquisitor is dead. The Ghost crew has connected with other rebel cells. And a new ally named Ahsoka Tano has emerged. Despite these successes and developments, the fight against the Empire takes a deadly turn, as the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader comes to Lothal . [4]

The plot to steal Charity Hirz's hologram pit took place during the Peace era , in Ramona Meyer 's attempts to gain power. The plot began with the Skirmish in the MBH and ended with the Mission to the t and i Factory with just Centauri and the Dark Woman . After the Knights of Plague failed to seize control of the world, Ramona made many attempts to steal the pit, until she died sometime in the 2050s .

Hologram - Steal The StarsHologram - Steal The StarsHologram - Steal The StarsHologram - Steal The Stars